Finishing Machine Model FSO-500M/FSO-800

This machine is suitable for finishing pig and sheep runners (small intestines) after the runners have gone through one or more stripping-crushing machines. It is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel. The rollers are equipped with a special adjustment system to process the runners perfectly. The machine is supplied completely with an electric control panel with a stainless steel cabinet, overloads and low tension 24 V control push-buttons, or with a start/stop control push-button strip.

Technical Specifications


Technical Characteristics
Model Hourly output: stomachs weighing 0.8 kg/each. Necessary fluids: hot & cold water, compressed air.
LAS-30 500 1400 lt/h
LAS-35 1000 1700 lt/h
Technical Characteristics
Model Installed power V 400 Water consumption/h (6 bar)
LAS-30 Kw 10 200 lt
LAS-35 Kw13.5 200 lt

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