Automatic Centrifuges - For Washing Pig Hearts Model LC10

The LC 10 is recommended for washing pig hearts. The centrifuge is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and is equipped with a pneumatic opening system for internal cleaning. It is supplied with an electric control panel with a stainless steel cabinet. The process cycle includes charging, washing, drying and discharging the animal byproduct. After the introduction of the byproduct in the charging hopper, the process can be made semiautomatic (the machine stops after each cycle) or automatic (the cycle starts again after the closing of the discharging door and its length can be controlled by timers).

Technical Specifications


Capacity / Hour
Model Hearts
LC10 400-500
Capacity / Load
Model Hearts
LC10 20-30
Technical Features
Model Installed Power V400 (KW) Cold Water Consumption/Hour Air Consumption/Hour (L)
LC10 1.85 0.4 m3 – 3 bar 60 L – 6 bar

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