Splitting - Crushing Machine Mod. S.O.600/800/1000

Suitable for preparing the hog and sheep runners (small intestine) for the successive machines that follow on the automatic line. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The rollers are equipped with a special adjustment system to process the runners perfectly. The machine is supplied with an electric control panel with a stainless steel cabinet, overloads and low tension 24 V control push-buttons.



Technical Specifications


Technical Characteristics
Model Installed power V 400 Water consumption/h 45°-50° Water consumption/h Capacity/h
LSO600/3 Kw 3.35 1.6m³ 1.3m³ 200 max.
LSO600/4 Kw 4.1 2.2m³ 1.3m³ 200 max.
LSO800/3 Kw 5.2 2.1m³ 2 m³ 350 max
LSO800/4 Kw 7.05 2.9m³ 2 m³ 350 max
LSO800/5 Kw 8.9 3.7m³ 2 m³ 350 max
LSO1000/3 Kw 5.2 2.5m³ 2 m³ 500 max
LSO1000/4 Kw 7.05 3.5m³ 2 m³ 500 max
LSO1000/5 Kw 8.9 4.5m³ 2 m³ 500 max

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